Body Balance Contouring

The Process

Body Balance Contouring refers to the process of reshaping skate blades. This technology improves all aspects of skating for any player, at any level. We take in account several body and skate measurements to help determine how we are going to contour your blades for your specific playing needs.  Body Balance Contouring is not the same process as generic profile systems.


The Theory

Body Balance Contouring customizes three areas of your skates blades:

  1. Blade Radius - a correct blade radius for your specific body type will allow you to stay better balanced, turn with precision and stability, and pivot fluidly for more seamless strides.
  2. Blade Angle - a correct blade angle will put you in the ideal skating position without you having to force yourself into it by helping you bend your knees and maintain proper back posture.
  3. Blade Centre Point - a correctly centred contact point will allow you to maximize push off on the front part of your blades for quicker acceleration, and maximize turning ability.

Common signs you need Body Balance Contouring:


  • Short, choppy strides
  • Poor balance
  • Trouble stopping
  • Instability while turning
  • Inadequate knee bend


Who should have contoured blades?

Players of all ages benefit by using contoured blades. In that, players and goalies 5-12 years of age will experience the most dramatic results. Younger players have less experience and, in most cases, are less coordinated than adults. However, from years of experience and customer feedback, all ages and skill levels will experience benefits.

Estimated Turnaround Time: Peak season (August - September) up to five business days

Player Skate Contouring - $40.00

Goalie Skate Contouring - $50.00