Skate Fitting

The Foundation 

Whether you play once a week or seven times a week, it’s important to have your skates fitting perfectly. Skate manufacturers offer different fits and in some cases each skate model has a different boot shape. Determining which brand and model fits you depends on the shape of your feet. We take the time to assess the shape of your feet and then select which skate(s) suit your needs and fit requirements.  This is where our expertise comes into play.



The Process

Proper skate fitting is the most important aspect of equipment buying for any player. At West Star, we know it's all about the details.  That's why we guide you through our proven-to-work 45-minute skate fitting process.  Our system ensures your skates fit flawlessly, giving you the support and responsiveness you need to stay at the top of your game.


The Fit 

We are the only shop in the GTA that offers skate pressure fitting.   Pressure fitting refers to the use of heat and air compression to better customize the fit of your skates to your feet.  After heating your skates in one of our skate ovens, they become softer and more malleable, which makes it possible for the fit machine to mold the skates around your feet.  As a result you will feel a snugger, more supportive and customized fit. Pressure fitting also significantly helps break skates in and works out any uncomfortably tight areas. The skate pressure fitting process is included in every skate purchase at West Star!