The Beginning

the-beginingAfter working 13 years at their father’s store in Scarborough, Robin and Mark Tateyama began to put their own imprint on the retail sporting goods trade in 1982 with the opening of his own store, "Sports Junction" in the west end of Mississauga.

After seven years in sports apparel business, it became clear that there was a need for a reliable team uniform supplier and a specialty hockey shop in Mississauga. Robin and Mark decided to relocate the store where West Star Athletics was born as a “one stop shop” hockey equipment and team uniform supplier, complete with an in-house screen printing facility.  


West Star has built a remarkable reputation in the GTA, with knowledgeable staff educated in all aspects of hockey skates and equipment, service and repair. West Star Athletics boasts the most experienced skate technicians in the business hands down. It is no wonder Robin and his team are commonly referred to by some customers as the “Doctors" or “Sultans of Skate.”


Our core values focus on the specific need of the customer and have become the hallmark of our shop. Customers trust us and rely on our expert opinion, resulting in strong, positive relationships with every player, coach and parent that become part of the West Star community.


Fast-forward to July 2018, former employee and local Scott Bednis purchased West Star Athletics. Scott worked for Mark and Robin from 1990 through 1995, and with their help he started a promotional apparel company ( which caters to team, school and corporate clients that need customized products branded with their logo. With embroidery and screen printing machinery in-house, he was able to help West Star Athletics with their needs, and allowed them to keep in contact throughout the many years since he was last working at West Star Athletics. 


Today, Scott is the sole owner of Authentic Stitch Inc. and West Star Athletics, but continues to employ Robin and his expertise so the foundation and tradition can continue and be passed on for years to come.