Custom Skates

Having trouble finding the perfect fitting skates? No problem – at West Star we specialize in custom skates.

 Custom skates are made specifically for each of your feet.  Many players have different heel shapes, forefoot widths, toe shapes, and foot lengths that only custom skates can accommodate.


The Process

The initial process involves finding the right skate model that fits your needs as a player, and your fit requirements.  You will try on several skates in our store to see how your feet sit in different boot shapes. 

After determining which skate to customize, we take foot measurements, tracings, and pictures of your feet to submit to the custom skate builders. Gathering this information accurately is our specialty. We know exactly how to enhance the fit of your custom skates.

Choosing the different parts of your skates is the most excited step in the process.  This is where we make upgrades to the manufacturer's skate by thoroughly going over every part to make sure it meets your expectations in terms of weight, feel, durability and look.


Our most popular options: skate parts

  • Tongue material, thickness and overall size
  • Boot liner material and colour
  • Skate holder/blade (extra charge)
  • Boot stiffness/flexibility
  • Toe box width
  • Boot reinforcements
  • Player number embroidery (extra charge depending on manufacturer)
  • Boot colour (extra charge)


Once your skates arrive, we pressure fit them to your feet.  This fitting technology uses heat and air compression to wrap the skates around your feet, providing a snugger, more supportive fit.  Pressure fitting also helps shorten the break in time. 


Custom skate prices vary depending on manufacturer and specifications. Prices range from $649.99 to $999.99.


All custom skates are manufactured in Canada.  Turnaround time is approximately one month.


To book a custom skate fitting appointment, or if you have any general questions regarding custom skates, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..