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Body Balance Contouring - Blade Profiling

Our Process and Theory

Body Balance Contouring will improve every aspect of a player's skating ability. It is the blade profiling systems that we use to reshape the radius, and adjust the lie of the blade to achieve better balance & stability; more power; greater speed; quicker starts & more efficient stops; not to mention proper body alignment for increased ease of skating.


This is not a generic blade profiling system! We customize the working radius; heel radius; toe radius; and the lie of the skate blade to suit the individual player. We also re-locate the balance point of the blade to match the balance point of the skater’s foot, not the blade or boot itself. 

We require some physical measurements, and also observe some of your physical attributes or deficiencies such as toe & knee alignment. As well, we note the player's skill level and the make & model of the skate to arrive at the proper blade profile.


Body Balance Contouring Terms:

  1. Working Radius - the "glide area" of the blade where the most contact with the ice occurs throughout the skating stride.
  2. Heel Radius - the area of the skate blade under the heel where your body weight transfers down through your legs and centers on.
  3. Toe Radius - the area of the skate blade where power is initiated to provide quicker and more explosive starts & maximizes power in the beginning of the player's stride.
  4. Blade Lie - the difference in the height of the steel under the heel and toe radiuses. Whether you are a forward or D, we believe you want a positive lie in order to facilitate ease of knee bend & positioning forward body weight, thus drawing more power in your stride. This will also allow you to get over the balance point quicker to initiate a quicker, more powerful skating stride. This also helps peripheral vision and puck shot control.
  5. Balance Point - not the center point of the blade, but the balance point under the skater's foot. This will properly align with your body to enhance balance & stability; turning radius; and the pivoting of your body weight.

Common signs you need Body Balance Contouring:


  • Poor balance
  • Short, choppy strides
  • Lumps and/or flat spots on blade
  • Trouble stopping
  • Instability while turning
  • Inadequate knee bend


Who should have contoured blades?

In short: EVERYBODY!

The profile of most blades out of the box either caters to a Pro/Elite skater, or, has a negative lie-in either case this means it is not for most skaters. Players of all ages benefit by using contoured blades. In that, skaters and goalies 5-14 years of age will experience the most dramatic results. Younger players have less experience and, in most cases, are less coordinated than adults (we will expand their working radius for this reason). From years of experience and customer feedback, all ages and skill levels will experience benefits with our Body Balance Contouring!

Estimated Turnaround Time: Peak season (August - through October; December through February) 1-5 business days. Rush service available - No extra charge, time permitting!

Player Skate Contouring - $44.99 + HST