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Skate Sharpening


We take skate sharpening very seriously, and we have for over 35 years.

When you come into our shop you’ll notice it’s what we do all day, everyday, and can often have a bit of a wait until we get to your skates. While waiting, you can try your next stick, pair of skates or perhaps look at our Wall of Fame to see what Pros came to us over the years: from Manny Malhotra and Brad Boyes to more recent stars such as Quinn, Jack & Luke Hughes!

So why do so many parents players trust us with their edges?  

 The answer:

  1. When you get your skates sharpened at West Star Athletics, expect perfectly level hollow, a mirror-like smooth finish, and properly honed sharp edges.
  2. Additionally, many people describe skates as being "too sharp" or "too dull". If you have had a quality sharpening, technically all edges are sharp. The difference may in fact be in the Depth of Hollow you have been given (or chosen). As illustrated below we have the ability to provide the one that will work for you so it "feels" as "sharp" or "dull" as you like!
  3. We use the best machines & equipment, custom made wheels and top of the line honing stones to ensure we keep our nearly perfect reputation, and you coming back!

Cost - $8.85 + HST (Total = $10.00)