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Skate Pressure Fitting

Whether you play once a week or seven times, it’s important to have your skates fitting perfectly. Skate manufacturers offer different fits, not to mention widths within each of their various lines. Determining which brand and model fits you depends on the shape of your feet. We take the time to assess this; consider the amount you play and your budget, so you can buy a skate with confidence. 


Our Process

Proper skate fitting is the most important aspect of equipment buying for any player. At West Star, we know it's all about the details.  That's why we guide you through our proven-to-work 45-minute skate fitting process.  Our system ensures your skates fit flawlessly, giving you the support and responsiveness you need to stay at the top of your game.


The Proper Fit 

We are the only shop in the GTA that offers skate pressure fitting. Pressure fitting refers to the use of heat and air compression to better customize the fit of your skates to your feet.  After heating your skates in one of our skate ovens, they become soft and thus more malleable, this makes it possible for the pressure fitting machine to mold the skates around your feet.  As a result you will feel a snugger, more supportive and customized fit. Pressure fitting also significantly helps break skates in and works out any uncomfortably tight areas. In instances where pressure fitting alone cannot relieve those pressure areas we are also specialists in boot modifications, also known as a “punch-out”.  The two most common areas which require this adjustment are: 1. Accessory navicular (bone): which is located on the inside of the foot, just below the ankle.  2. Bunions which usually cause discomfort towards the front of the foot.

Skate pressure fitting and punch-out(s) are included in every skate purchase at West Star Athletics (Total value = $50.00 + HST)! NOTE: Skates cannot be used for 24 hours after heating. 


Arch Support

Often overlooked due to the added expense and "lack of need": INSOLES. Nearly all of our customers have found insoles to be beneficial as they add comfort, even for those that do not necessarily have any arch issues. They provide a slight lean forward since the aftermarket insoles have a slightly higher, more solid heel; this provides a better attack angle. Insoles are even more advantageous for those that have issues. With our heat activated thermal sensor board we will test to see if your arch is low, medium or high and suggest the proper insole setting accordingly. In some cases, the left & right foot can have a different arch height, we have a solution for that!


The Price

People often ask: How can you remain competitive with the "big-box" stores? Truth be told, we do not move as much volume as them, however we have few, if any, returns due to improper skate fitting which lowers our expenses. Additionally, we buy direct from the manufacturers and sell enough to obtain certain discount levels which we are able to pass on to you. Lastly, we have a very loyal customer base that sees the value in purchasing from a local, "ma and pa" shop: from the original sale to questions throughout the season, we will address ANY issues, and truly enjoy hearing how your season is going! We have been here for over 35 years, and will continue to be, as hockey is not out job but our passion...Drop by today and see the difference for yourself!